Credit Consultancy

Credit Consultancy

Innovative solutions that help any business maximise efficiency and drive out cost, are paramount in our view.

We are serious about adding real value to your business, and this is one of the reasons why Specialist Collections & Consultants Limited offers a credit consultancy service.

Quite often businesses do not have the required reporting structures in place to identify the success, or otherwise, of their collections and, most importantly, the performance and success of their collection staff.

This can be achieved by:

  • The performance of your collection staff, and identify particular training needs;
  • Review the collection reporting structures in place and make recommendations for change where maximum efficiency can be obtained;
  • Identify the relevant legislation that is applicable to your business and establish that the legislation is being complied with;
  • Review your collection staffing needs;
  • Identify potential accounts that are likely to be a write off at a later date;
  • Review your terms of trade;
  • Review the results and performance of the external collection agencies that you use;
  • Review of your credit criteria;
  • Identify accounts suitable for legal action;
  • Review existing collection targets and recommend change where required;
  • Review the effectiveness, suitability and performance of your field service staff;
  • Review your cash handling and receipting of money procedures;

To maximise efficiency and drive out cost is a process that requires constant review and specialised knowledge. Let Specialist Collections & Consultants Limited add value to your business today.