Debt Collection

Debt Collection

Specialist Collections & Consultants Limited is a successful and professional debt collection company. No debt is considered too small or too large. We operate nationwide and internationally. Debts will be pursued wherever legally possible, and with your approval, for up to the maximum time set out in the Limitation Act 2010. We will not quit on you, where quite possibly, others will or  already have.
Specialist Collections & Consultants Limited can design a unique debt collection method and strategy which will support and maintain your customer service policy and therefore assist in maintaining customer retention, if this is your preference.
Conversely, if it is only your cash that you require and you want it immediately then, we have a no nonsense collection attitude and strategy, and we make no apologies for this.

Skilled and trained staff are used to serve documents, which is a nationwide service we offer.

Mobile Debt Collection Service

By using our unique mobile debt collection service  the collection commission that we will charge you will be reduced.  With this service  we can provide staff to operate from your premises and collect your debts for you.

In House Training

Debt collection is very important to any business and requires staff to have specific skills and knowledge. We are able to provide in house training on debt collection techniques and strategies tailored to your specific line of business.

Mentor Service

A mentor service is also available, whereby your staff are able to ring and ask any question, seek guidance and legal advice on any matter related to the recovery of money.

Purchase Bad Debt Ledgers

Specialist Collections & Consultants Limited is not presently purchasing bad debt at this time.

For more information on our very affordable rates for these services please email us at: