Thank you immensely for resolving my payment issue, which had been a source of concern for months.

I’m grateful for the referral to your service, and I was pleasantly surprised by the ease and speed of the process. Specialist Collections & Consultants Limited promptly intervened and within 24 hours, he had established contact with my debtor and devised a resolution plan.

Should I encounter similar issues in the future, I won’t hesitate to enlist Specialist Collections & Consultants Limited expertise. I highly recommend his service to anyone facing challenges with debt collection.

Karyn Campbell

Payroll Consult.

We have used Specialist Collections and Consultants Limited several times for different nonpayers.  They are quick to implement the collection process and notify our debtors that they have taken over our debt.

They have been successful in engaging with our debtors and organising repayment plans where necessary; even when we could not contact them and they collect large dollar-value debts.

They keep us up to date with progress and different options and we will not hesitate to recommend Specialist Collections and Consultants Limited to anyone needing collection assistance.

Kellie Bowers

Bowers Brothers Concrete Ltd

We would like to Thank Shane at Specialist Collections for all his hard work in retrieving funds we never thought we were going to get in an endless battle with our client. Having Shane onboard and constantly keeping us up to date was amazing.

For any future collections, we would be sure to seek his help again and would highly recommend his service to anyone.

Marcel Roux


I had been chasing this scoundrel for my money for 3 years. I was one of many in our area that he had left out of pocket. He is a professional non-payer and knows every trick in the book. I had written the debt off and given up. Just over a month ago I saw this scoundrel on the TV pleading the victim on some issue. At about the same time I saw a recommendation for Specialist Collections & Consultants Limited on an online business forum. I had nothing to lose so contacted Shane Crawford. As expected, this scoundrel tried everything to worm out of it but Specialist Collections & Consultants Limited was equal to the task. Communication throughout was excellent. 29 days after asking Specialist Collections & Consultants Limited to collect the debt, Shane gave me a call to say that they had recovered my money. I cannot recommend Specialist Collections & Consultants highly enough.

Neville Phillips

Jim’s Test & Tag / Jim’s Fire Safety

We consider ourselves very lucky to have had Shane referred to us as we weren’t having any luck elsewhere. Very professional kept us updated regularly and came through for us in every way that counts.

We would highly recommend Shane from Specialist Collections and Consultants Ltd.

If you want results, look no further.

Rashpal (Bali) Virk


Shane was recommended to us by our accountant, and despite the first debt we placed with him being relatively small, he provided an excellent service for recovery.  The process was explained well, we were kept informed of progress, and he was able to recover the debt in full.  We have used another agency in the past, with limited success, and were impressed by the professionalism and tenacity (even during Covid restrictions) of Specialist Collections and Consultants Ltd.  Highly recommended!

Shane Hopgood

JAE Northland are proud to be associated with and use Specialist Collections & Consultants as our sole Debt Recovery agents.

Their dedication to attend to the recovery of our Bad Debtors is second to none. They provide updated reporting on the progress of the Debt(s) being recovered.

I would highly recommend Shane and his team.

Helen Ritchie

Thanks to Shane at Special Collections & Consultants Ltd for a great result.  We had been constantly chasing our client by every means possible for 6 months and were no closer to getting the debt paid.  We employed Shane and he got the debt paid within 48 hours!!  Shane is professional, stays in contact and works hard to ensure a great end result for his client.  Thoroughly recommended.  Thanks again.

I will also recommend you when anybody I know or anybody on the business networking sites ask for referrals.

Job well done – thanks

Tamsin Watson

Collection Expert made what could’ve been a very painful process a pleasure. Monies were recovered within a week and communication was very clear throughout. Will be using Collection Expert for all future Dept Recovery.

Alex Meenhorst 

General Manager

The purpose of my writing is to advise you of the professional and sincere process in which Mr Crawford acted in collecting numerous outstanding debts owed to my business.
Mr Crawford dealt with our clients with a proficient and courteous approach.Considering I have never met Mr Crawford, nor had any involvement with his company, I was treated in a friendly and respectful manner. Shane was very prompt in responding to my requests and inquires, and if he did not know the answer immediately, he always got back to me.
Mr Crawford’s contact was not only eight to five business hours and at times he made himself available to me well into the evenings and weekends.Shane always provided accurate documentation.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Shane Crawford and Specialist Collections and Consultants Limited as a suitable company to carry out any work associated with the collection of outstanding debts.

Eric Eden


ET Engineering Limited (in Liquidation)

Shane was recommended to us by one of our clients as we hadn’t been in a position before where we had required this service.

He was thoroughly professional & efficient & communicated to us regularly with the progress he was making.

I would have no issue in recommending Specialist Collections & Consultants to others & if the need was to arise again, he will be the first person I contact.

Louise Lyons

Chasing monies-owed had become a fruitless task for us.

Shane managed to recoup all debts quickly & professionally, taking the stress off our shoulders.

Will definitely recommend his great results



Lucas Distribution

Using a debt collector was new to me. Specialist Collections made it very easy. Their online processes were user friendly and they got a great result for my business very quickly. I will be using them again

Aaron Martin LL.B

“ Specialist Collections & Consultants has achieved excellent results for me with several debtors.  Not only did they achieve a timely collection, they were able to tailor their tone and approach to best suit the situation.  I highly recommend Specialist Collections and will use them again if the need arises”

Graeme Oldnall

Managing Director

We engaged Shane and his team based on the recommendation of a trusted business partner. We were faced with a small but seemingly unrecoverable debt. Multiple approaches and arrangements to secure payment had failed at that stage.

Shane was utterly professional in dealing with our client and always kept us in the loop. He also never lost sight of the size of the debt in relation to any interventions he suggested. In the end we accepted all of his recommendations and in the course of several months (a testament to the difficulty of the job and to Shane’s dedication) he managed to retrieve the debt for us in full.

We continue to use Specialist Collections and Consultants as our preferred supplier and have no hesitations to recommend Shane and his team for all of your debt recovery requirements, whatever their size.

Dr Bernie Frey

Chief Executive

Shane  Thank you for the professional and efficient manner in which your team  handled my requests. I appreciate your style and efficiency dealing with my requests of compliance.  I have no hesitation to use Specialist Collections & Consultants Limited in the future and will pass your company name onto others I hear requiring your type of services

Ron Mc Pherson

Managing Director

Assessing and Training Services Ltd

Collection of overdue debtors is a time consuming and at times an extremely frustrating task.

Some of our debtor balances are very old and some offshore, we were spending too much time on these and getting nowhere.

Shane has taken that burdensome task off our hands and with his professional and dedicated approach, has delivered impressive results.

We would not hesitate to recommend Shane to anyone requiring debt collection services.

Geoff Spong


VisitorPoint Ltd

” I have known Shane Crawford and had dealings with him  for more than 3 years. I have been very happy with the standard of the services he renders as well as the effective results he produces. As a result I have referred several other satisfied clients to him. I have found him to be committed , dedicated, conscientious, diligent, determined, genuine, principled, ethical and a person of the utmost integrity. He can be tough when the occassion demands but at the same time is able to temper such toughness with sensitivity in his dealings with even the most recalcitrant debtor. As a result he has been successful in the results he achieves for his clients”

Allan Silberstein,

AS Employment Law Consultants

Collecting money from overdue accounts has always been difficult. In recent times it has got considerably harder.

With that scenario we set out to find an effective debt collector and I have no hesitation in saying for the first time in twenty one years we have someone who is delivering. Shane is quick, direct and has a good understanding of the law.

He is getting results where I had almost given up.

Specialist Collections & Consultants Limited is an outstanding service provider in the collection of overdue accounts, field and legal services.

In particular, they add real value to a business with their outstanding knowledge, performance, energy and willingness to impart their knowledge to help us improve.

They are led by Managing Director Shane Crawford, who has 29 years experience in all areas of complex and specialised recoveries.

I have known Shane for a number of years and he is always professional in his approach and is a dedicated to achieve results.

Specialist Collections & Consultants Limited can add real value to your business and can reduce a lot of stress knowing that you’re accounts are followed up by a company that not only achieve the results but also place an emphasis on customer relations at all times.

Ken Kranich-Calitz
Credit Manager


Specialist Collections and Consultants Ltd was referred to me by a colleague and I can’t speak highly enough of Shane and what he has managed to achieve in a relatively short space of time.  He has managed to recover debts that I had long since given up on and, in some cases, almost written off.

Clive Bennett
Employment Law Centre

We tried Specialist Collections and Consultants Ltd after receiving less than ideal results from our primary debt collector.  It didn’t take long before we made Specialist Collections and Consultants Ltd our primary  and ONLY debt collection provider.

This group get results where others have given up.  Their determination, dedication and customer service is second to none.  They are a pleasure to deal with and they get the job done!

Daniel Pickford
White Cross Dental New Lynn and St Lukes

Chasing overdue debts can be a stressful and time consuming pursuit, often frustrating and fruitless.

Handing over our overdue debts to Specialist Collections & Consultants Limited has lifted a huge burden and much worry from our day to day operation.

The results achieved by Shane and his team have been extremely satisfying and far beyond those achieved by previous debt collection agencies.  As a small business, in the past we have struggled to find any satisfaction in out sourcing the collection of overdue accounts.

Shane keeps us well informed with regular progress reports and has impressed us with his dedication, determination, professionalism and most of all an exceptional success rate.

Once we have handed our overdue accounts to Shane, we stop worrying, and get back to concentrating on our business.

Carol Gjaltema
Redcliff NZ Ltd

Before we began working with Shane, we found collection of overdue debtors a time consuming and often frustrating process.

Shane has changed all that by providing a fast, professional and very effective service.  We have had 100% success whenever we have used Specialist Collections and Consultants Ltd.  We would not hesitate to recommend Shane to anyone requiring a first class debt collection service.

Sylvia and Graeme Norton
Master Franchisees
Select Cleaning Auckland

We have recently used the services of Shane and found him very professional and easy to work with.  Shane provided clear advice and direction, accurate documentation and kept us up to date during what was a challenging and ultimately successful outcome.

David Doughty
Managing Director

A friend of mine owed some money. Not a huge amount but he owed it. He found he was soon chased for it by Shane Crawford from Specialist Collections and Consultants Ltd. Shane got the money for his client and my friend made it very clear to me that if I ever needed a debt chased Shane was the man to do it. He was persistent and actively pursued him through every known contact he could find. Recently I have had two debtors ‘not talking’ to me and I found it very frustrating. The amounts were not huge but enough so that I wasn’t happy about writing them off. Shane has actively chased these debts for me in a manner that is professional yet persistent. Forceful – yes! Insistent -yes! But it’s my money and I wanted it. No excuses – they owed it. Shane has successfully acquired the monies owed to me – one in full and the other through instalments and has saved me time, money and effort by efficiently doing so. I would recommend his services for your troublesome debtors. If you want a nice touchy feelie debt collector – don’t use Shane. If you want your money – use Shane

Gary Dickson
Publishing Group

We continue to use Specialist Collections & Consultants Limited as they provide reliable, professional services.  We have had good results and find them a pleasure to deal with,  If there is ever a promise to do something it is done.  We have been in meetings with Specialist Collections & Consultants Limited with our debtors and were very impressed with Shane’s firm, but  fair proffessional style.

They do add value to business, and we cannot but agree with them that “If you want success, use a specialist”.

Max Whitehead
Whitehead Group Employment Solutions

In the past we have used other major debt collection agencies to collect overdue debts on our behalf, with no luck at all. In fact it ended up costing us a lot of money.  Upon hearing about Specialist Collections & Consultants, I rung Shane and had a chat.  Feeling very assured, we loaded a couple of overdue debts with them.  Shane was fantastic to deal with, and talked us through the processes, and kept us totally up to date with where things were at with each one.  And, they collected the debts.

I can’t thank Shane enough for his professionalism, his compassion, and his all-round assistance with dealing something no one really likes to do.  I have been so impressed, I am not only continuing to use the services of Specialist Collections and Consulting, but passing business his way via some of my clients and colleagues who also need assistance.  I believe in aligning my business with professional partners who walk the talk, and am pleased to able to recommend them to others as someone who gets the job done.

Diane Crawford-Errington
On Track Bookkeeping

“Shane was recommended to us from a professional investor we have worked with for many years. I was immediately struck by Shane’s knowledge and energy. I was pleased to see that this was backed up by stellar service and professionalism. I cannot recommend Shane and his team highly enough”

Natalie Wendell
Wendell Property Management Ltd

Specialist Collections & Consultants Ltd was highly recommended to our company by an existing client of SCC Ltd who had had excellent results. We felt that Shane went to any lengths to produce excellent results for us too.   This company was very professional and communicated to us every step of the way and worked with us to make appropriate decisions based on each situation. We will continue to use Shane and his company in the future.


Sally Kidd
Director Coastal Holiday Homes Ltd

I have used Shane Crawford of Specialist Collections and Consultants Ltd, to collect $23,937.20 from someone who had been avoiding communicating with me since 2011.

I gave this task to Specialist Collections and Consultants Ltd. Shane had quickly contacted my debtor and arranged a meeting.  Although the debtor still tried to find many excuses for not paying, Shane handled all sorts of troubles and helped me to get the money on 14 September 2014.

I am very impressed with his professionalism in dealing with this case and highly recommend his services to anyone who needs debt collection services.

Haiming Jiang
Director A+ Search Engine Marketing Ltd.  NOVEMBER 2014

Shane, I would like to personally thank you and the team at Specialist Collections for all you have achieved for me. I was somewhat sceptical as to your abilities to collect my bad debts as I thought I was pretty good at debt collection myself and if I could not collect it then it simply was not collectable. You have now proved me wrong on many occasions. You were also a great help in rewording my terms of trade to make it easier for you to collect and for your collections fees to be added to the debt so effectively your services cost me nothing.

I get great pleasure each month now seeing your deposit in my account and then allocating the payments to those people that I had considered lost causes. I have no hesitation what so ever in recommending you and your services to anyone with bad debts that need collecting. Keep up the good work.

Danny Gelb
Employment Disputes Law

Hi my name is Tina and I needed help to collect money that was owed to me. I took some time to decide what to do and through hard painstaking decision I called recovery agents, no one called me back. Then I talked to Mr Nutsford of Pukekohe, he told me about Specialist Collection & Consultant and I went home and sent an email and the next day I got call from Shane

Every one turned me down or did not return my calls or emails but Specialist Collection & Consultant did. Shane is outstanding and professionalism was fantastic, I highly recommend Specialist Collection & Consultants to anyone. Shane got me $25k in record time and is working on 2nd cast for me now. Thank you Shane because I know I would have never seen that money again if it was not for you.

Tina Youngs
Pukekohe New Zealand