Credit Management

Specialist Collections & Consultants Limited provides credit management, credit consultancy and credit management training solutions to your business. We also provide casual, temporary and contract credit control staff to work for you at your place of business.

We manage small, through to large, receivable ledgers and we provide all the necessary services to achieve the maximum result for you such as, telephone credit controllers and debt collectors, field service staff, repossessions, legal services, comprehensive reporting and statistical analysis.

We also provide credit management training in the areas of:

  • Telephone collection techniques
  • Negotiation skills
  • Psychological collection techniques
  • Trace and locate debtors who have “Gone No Address”
  • Credit management reporting.

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Reducing arrears and maximising cash is paramount for any business and we have a proven and outstanding record in this area.

By outsourcing your loan arrears, you will be confident in the knowledge that you will be working with a company who is committed not only to success, but to you and your business and serious about adding value to it.

It can take considerable time to chase overdue accounts, and often it is time that is needed in other areas of your business such as developing new business. Employing credit control staff can be a huge expense on a business, particularly so if they are not paying for themselves with the money that they are collecting. A credit manager who can work independently, ethically, and successfully for you, can free up that valuable time for you to build other areas of your business.

Specialist Collections & Consultants Limited can provide cost effective credit management solutions for you and design a unique credit management strategy particular to your business.
If you are interested in reducing your time and cost chasing overdue accounts, then we suggest that you talk to Specialist Collections & Consultants Limited today.